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    Great Stories Needed

    This forum is amazing! I really like reading people's stories, and either helping them, encouraging them when they need it. But most inspiring of all is reading stories where people are doing well. I have a blog, where I'm hoping to introduce people to this forum and help them conquer anxiety. On this website, I also post useful articles.

    But, here's where you guys come in!

    I need stories to inspire. Whether you've been struggling for years and you've started making some progress; or you've conquered anxiety, whatever, I want to hear it. The top stories will get published.

    Feel free to message me in private, or reply here so everyone can read. I am happy to publish anonymously if you want.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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    hello and i sometimes cant remember where i am and how i got there and life does not seem real could someone please help me and diagnose me



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