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    Almost 3 years trapped in my house and I really want to have a life again.

    I am so tired of missing out on life in general as well as spending time with my family. It has been almost 3 years since I left my house with the exception of a visit to the ER for a severe panic attack that required 2 days in the hospital. I have a therapist who comes to the house to council me and she has helped quite a bit. There are days when I waver between giving up and accepting that this is my life, or forcing myself outside to see if it is really that bad. Most days I just settle for giving up and accepting this is the way it is.
    I missed my last great grand babies birth 2 weeks ago which is just one more major event in my families life that I have missed. Even though my family has been understanding and supportive I still feel guilty. The guilt quickly becomes anger and slowly fades into depression. This cycle is self destructive and I recognize that, but finding a way to cope seems impossible.
    This phobia has started having a direct effect on my health as I have not been able to go to my Dr for high blood pressure and heart check ups.
    Hopefully finding a support group with people who are agoraphobic will help me find some ways to cope.

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    you can count me in that group if you like, im here to talk. i have been near enough housebound now for 5 years so i know the frustrations and the wanting to give up well. i totaly agree with the cycle part. i have missed a couple of my best friends weddings and iv not been able to be physicaly there when people around me have really needed me when they have been through hard times and the guilt i feel over them things really rips at you inside. now thats my anger about it however its good to know that there are people on here who understand and are here to turn to when ever you get really down and it does help. so feel free to contact me any time you like, its good to let some out i find

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    very nice keep it up ............



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