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    just diagnosed with PTSD

    Hey everyone,
    I just got the official word that I suffer from PTSD. My brother went from a healthy 21 year old, to being hospitalized with a trach for breathing, and unable to communicate and follow commands in a rather short period of time.. He began having seizures so now whenever I hear something drop to the floor I kind of freak out. Whenever I see someone even just a little sick, I loose it.

    I feel like I am loosing my mind. She did'nt really give me any help with trying to get back to my normal self again. She (my doctor) really just thinks that I am crazy.

    My brother is doing a lot better now after three and a half months, but I feel like my symptoms are getting worse.. Any advice or help out there?
    I need to be at 100% when he is able to come back home.

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    Thanks for sharing.



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