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    Post people are stupid.

    i don't know if it's just my particular environment (small town high school) or if the only place to find what i need is University...

    I want a free exchange of beautiful ideas. i want meaningful conversation. i don't want to waste my time with worthless people.

    as i've grown up to where i am now a rising senior in hs... i've noticed things changing. once i was just a normal kid, of above average intelligence yes, but always running around with everyone - no worries...

    then i realized one day that i hated the little slumber parties and the fake friend groups. so - i faded and stopped attending any and all social events. at first i was happy to be out of all the fake camaraderie... but then i realized that i missed having that big strong friend group for stability.

    i pushed all of my close friends away, and now

    too late. i'm one of those people who is just friends, or at least friendly, with everyone. and that's great.. but i get lonely. i don't have any strong connections to anyone - maybe two or three, but they have their own friend c***les to immerse themselves in.

    it's a big mess. still, i enjoy my individual status - it's just sometimes i see people partying or whatever, and i get that awful stab of loneliness. not because i want to do the stupid shit they're doing, just because they're surrounded by other people. stupid people sure... but - -

    and see, there's the answer right there! I'm such a hypocrite, and it's tragic. i want people around me, but only worthwhile people, and as arrogant as some people might interpret this, it's the truth; there are no worthwhile people in my school (maybe three) and everyone else is pathetic. FACTS.

    I WANT LEGITIMACY! i want people who aren't talking about pointless shit all day, and who oftentimes don't understand words i use.

    here, people are bringing me down. not intentionally, but i just feel so isolated and cut off, because at the end of the day i am. i'm more or less falling apart; depressed with the occasional panic attack. it's a mess.

    thanks for listening

    I want a free exchange of beautiful ideas. i want meaningful conversation. i don't want to waste my time with worthless people.

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    Well, if you think people are stupid you should include yourself in the lot also. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation stink. University may not be the place for someone of your limited skills.

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    GregL Putting people down just makes you sound like a nasty person . spelling, grammar and punctuation is product of education not necessarily intelligence anyhow meghara humans are a pack animal its in our dna to have group mentality but sometimes you do feel like your swimming in a sea of idiots who define themselves by the stuff they have not by the person they are go out find a like minded group they are out there have hope .



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