[Chorus x2]

Come with me

Into the afterlife i'm in too deep

money power man i'm filled with greed

so take your time and you will see

(Pac Sample HAIL MARY!

[Verse 1]

I keep my eyes on the clock for when it turns seven

When I die, i don't wanna go to heaven

Can't be fucked for goodies, i wanna chill with my friends

Hell, I might just go there right now. cause life ends

I'm speaking real and i'm only thirteen

I aint a show off so i dont have a 'gangsta' lean

i'm just natural, so i do what i do

my name is lewis hayman, but i spit shit so true

Killuminati is running through my body

i'm invisioning how i died, somebody shot me

I'm sick of doing what i'm told

so in this game of life, I fold.
I wrote that a while back, Tell me what you think.