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    Nervous to drive without sunglasses

    My boyfriend recently fell asleep behind the wheel and flipped his car off a ramp over the highway. He was crossing over the ramp and rolled down to the main level road. Now I feel like as soon as I get into the car, I feel an overwhleming sense of tiredness like if im going to fall asleep. SO I always wear sunglasses because I feel like it some how makes me more awake....? Weird I know. But its my comfort.

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    Sunglass is felxible for some people and for some people it not flexible....The person who like to use it then it will be perfect for him/her.

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    My sunglasses are like my security blanket. I have terrible anxiety, and if I put them on I feel 10x better. I always drive in my sunglasses, even when its not sunny.

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    For me, it is exactly the opposite.



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