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    Unhappy Ptsd

    Hi, I am new here and was really desperate in finding someone to talk to.
    Almost all my life I have had anxiety problems, but for the last few years I have been battling with PTSD.

    in 2007 my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, then my children with a sever bleeding disorder, then my mother had cancer, and while all of this is happening, I was pregnant with my daughter whom i gave birth to 5 weeks early due to so much stress. Al thought my daughter beat the cancer, my children live a normal life and my mother is okay, I have found myself in constant fear and having panic attacks & feel like I am expecting some bad news again (health wise) or feel like I am going to have cancer or some type of life Disease is in my body. I cant focus on my kids, or work and feel like I cannot function anymore. I am SO TIRED of feeling like this and I just want to live normal, I never looked for help because of how embarrassing it is to tell someone this, and finally broke and ended up in the ER with panic attacks, She gave me a very low dose of Lorazepam, which I hardly take but I just feel like I am going crazy....:0(

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    That was some terrible things that happened in your past.. DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED!! one of the problems that you are going through is keeping it all inside.. Once you tell someone that you have confidence in, I am sure you will start the healing process.. from what I gather, PTSD is a form of depression. Depression is a chemical thing in your head, so the medication will work. ANYone can get depression... Anyway, if you want to talk to someone with severe depression from PTSD, feel free to PM me. I am usually here daily.

    Keep looking up!



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