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    May 14, 2012

    It has reached my core.
    Deeply rooted.
    Caging my soul.
    Wrapped around me like vines.
    I am blinded.
    I voice that everything's fine.
    The truth hurts,
    but remains hidden.
    My face is a mask
    covering my flaws.
    Hiding the pain in different places.
    Wishing I could get a cure.
    Praying this manifestation ends
    and permanently erases.
    Call it what you may.
    Depression, a phase, the blues.
    It is my enemy, disease, and infection.
    It feeds on my loneliness, unhappiness,
    and my fear of failure.
    It antagonizes me,
    frustrates me.
    And I feel like I need a breather--an escape.
    No matter how far I run,
    it soon follows after.
    Not knowing where I'm going,
    I'm still looking for a cure.
    I'm a fighter and a believer.
    Soon, this will all go away
    or at least be tamed.
    Soon enough,
    I'll be okay.
    I shall continue to seek ways
    to eternal happiness.
    I will bring light
    to my mind, body, and soul.
    I will look to God
    for guidance, strength, and courage
    to take off this mask
    and let myself be bare--vulnerable.
    I will be cured.

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    very moving- keep writing!



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