I Love Him
I Wish I Didn't
But i really do

A few days ago, he told me he can't take it anymore, can't take my crap, the fact that i want to die and i'm always cryin and have panic attacks,
he says to go and sort it out on my own and then he'll come back and we can get married or wateva,
but i dnt get it, wen i fall the hardest he leaves me, i dont get wat im meant to do, i dont want to leave him completely because i dont want to regret it later,
i didnt think i could get more sad, but luks like i can, i need a piller of strength, i have amazing supportive parents, but he's been by my side for so long, since the beginning. He's the first person i ever opened up to.
I can't blame him that he can't take it and that it's hard for him, i mean we'll be sitting and he'll get the wrong orange juice and i'll freak out and start crying and have a panic attack. It is my fault. I know that.
Just please.. someone help me... my worlds crumbling around me