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Thread: Wool Blankets

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    Wool Blankets

    I think we should force our hands
    to move a little more carefully
    to nurture the silence
    to get rid of the scarcity
    of life love and death
    beating on me so violently
    a way to rise above
    from the fear and the agony
    take these pills and you’ll be acting just fine
    cause you can't do this on your own
    nothing good can come with time
    but I can't go against
    all my natural intentions
    to live life to the fullest
    through the stress and the tension
    but at what cost
    and at what limitation
    I have never been one
    to get by on imitation...

    I’ve seen the world sleeping under wool blankets
    while some lay alone on lonely park benches
    and I think I belong...
    somewhere in the in between
    I don't want to be alone
    I want to know what's happening
    what's happening to me...

    I have never been one
    to speak of what I’ve been through
    I don't need your medication
    I just need someone to talk to
    and look me straight in....
    my scornful tired eyes
    and tell me with certainty...
    everything will be all right

    past the midnight
    into daylight
    sprouting newly formed limbs
    like petals to a flower
    a new life as it begins
    leaving the past
    to form a future
    that I could never give you
    so laugh out loud child
    cause I feel like you deserve to
    and hold your head up high
    you should be so proud of you
    don't feel bad
    Im just waiting for a day
    I can be proud with you
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    i love it... this is so beautiful and its like its explaining everything i feel and want to say

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    So I figured out the pm issues so I will rewrite this on all ur poems lol



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