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    This Ones For You

    there's a line that divides us
    seperates the madness my life has turned to
    we once were so close
    huddled tightly in the spectrum
    now the world seeks to tear us apart

    I've been thinking a lot of life lately,
    where I began and where I am
    the in between seems so strange
    we were such like able children back then

    but life was against us
    as it usually is
    things happened,
    things we couldn't change
    and I stayed still while you moved on
    things I couldn't get over
    oh how afraid I was of fear

    now you have everything you've wanted
    your own place
    a good job
    and a man that brings you coffee
    oh what I wouldn't give
    to have the strength you've shown me

    but I'm not bitter
    its just life
    and I'm glad your happy
    don't look down on me
    the last thing I want is your pity
    just live your life
    and I'll live mine
    I just can't believe how we've grown apart
    my friends... no my family
    I wish you the best
    And all the love in the world
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    oh geez made me cry i dont know wut else to say



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