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    Hi everyone.
    I'm shaken with severe anxiety.

    I've had two cat scans done in my life and I am worried about the possible reaction from the radiation.

    I had one cat scan on my appendix when I was 18, the other cat scan of my brain A few weeks ago.

    I've. Been gooling all over the Internet and have scared myself silly .
    I haven't slept in 2 days. I am worried sick I will get likemia or a brain tumor. now thet I've a gotten a cat scan.

    I didn't know about The risks of cat scans so that's why I got one.
    I can't stop obsessing over this.

    Pleaseeeeeese someone talk to me.
    I can't stop obsessing over it.

    I am
    Worried sick about this and really am confused .

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    I think you should talk to your doctor or psychiatrist N having a professional tell you the LESS Likelyness of you having a brain tumor will make you feel more at ease a more comfortable, I can sometimes do the same.. I google everything And scare myself silly.. But until I'm told and proven that it is not likely then I can continue my normal thoughts.. Just letting you know I went through alot of scans as a child an I'm perfectly healthy now! I think you will be fine



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