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    Fluorescence Through Cigarette Smoke

    My eyes adjust to blinding light
    The darkness overpowers
    An overbearing mind
    As colors flow from vacant eyes
    And blood runs true from my disguise
    I'm a puppet in ties
    that in time will not bind
    I fall victim to my mind
    But I will respond in kind
    I will work up the worth
    To cross that line

    Follow me to the edge of the end of the world
    I have made this place my home
    And through the eyes of sadness
    I've fell in love with my madness
    And come to learn
    I've learned nothing

    I once was a boy
    Till my world turned dark
    My life is a test
    And I get bad marks
    But there's always some light
    So I guess ill start to start
    Before I fall to my kness
    And my world falls apart

    I try to shut my eyes
    I try to get some rest
    If angers a gift
    I guess I've been blessed
    this wieght overbears
    The world sits on my chest
    Ill dance like a heart attack
    Ill claim I tried my best

    Just put yourself in my position
    see through eyes in this condition
    Know it wasn't my intention
    To live a life inside of fiction

    Hold the phone
    You speak in stones
    And hurl them out in droves
    Pull back the stars
    Put back the glow
    Forget That everything that lives
    Will someday die
    And die alone

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    i reallly like ur poems they make me think and feel

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    this is beautifully written

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    That could made into a song..



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