In November, I finally decided to make a dr.'s appt. I had been suffering with anxiety for over 2.5 years at that point. I started taking Cymbalta in December. I think I started noticing an improvement in my anxiety around the beginning of January, and by January 20th I felt pretty good. This medicine has ended my anxiety attacks as far as I can tell, and it has gotten rid of the worst of my anxiety. I believe that I still have a small amount of general anxiety, but I'm so happy right now because life is so much better for me. I feel like I can function, and I don't go to bed at night wishing that I'll die during my sleep.

Thanks to the Cymbalta, I was finally able to get through job interviews without my body ridiculously trembling and without any form of anxiety attack. I actually felt happy during one interview because I felt so good compared to how I felt for years, and I ended up getting that job. I've never lived away from home - I went to college 30 minutes from where I lived with my parents so I drove back and forth - so this is the first time I've lived by myself. The past couple months have been very stressful - doing the job interviews, doing a drug test, filling out forms, getting a hotel room for the first time and staying there for a few days until I had an apartment, signing a lease for my first apartment, buying a lot of things for the apartment, starting the job (I've been at it for about 3 weeks now), and getting used to the traffic because I moved from a small town to a large city.

Long story short, I'm pretty happy now even though I'm not 100% better... I'll eventually get a doctor here.