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    A film about PTSD needs your help.


    My name is Jarkko, I am the director/producer of The Mind's Eye, a 14 minute short film
    about PTSD which have developed over the past two years of creative work between the team from
    Estonia, Finland, Holland and United Kingdom.

    The film is inspired by true stories of former soldiers who come back from wars in the Middle East
    and continue to suffer from Post-Traumatic-Stress disorders at home.

    The story of soldier Misha returning home from war and facing his past life: childhood,
    neighborhood and home, the Baltic Sea and his beautiful wife Anna. These pillars in his life before
    the war had been nothing but nostalgic memories during the brutal days and nights on the battlefield.

    However as nothing seems to have changed in the life that he has now returned to, it is revealed
    that the biggest change has come in Misha himself and specifically in the way that he sees his

    The film is drawing attention to the difficulties soldiers face in adapting to civilian life after
    returning home from war and it has been already selected in The UK Short Film Category Manchester Film Festival !

    Please help us to secure extra funding for The Mindís Eye via IndieGoGo! The film won't reach its
    audience without your help! I can't post any links here because I'm a new member and I understand this. So if you're interested
    about our project, please visit in Indiegogo and type into search field "The Mind's Eye". You can also found us on Facebook.

    Thank you for your attention!

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    thank you dude



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