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    Cymbalta (also known as duloxetine)

    I haven't been on here for approximately 3 months, so I'll try to sum things up pretty quickly.

    In November, I finally decided to make a dr.'s appt. I had been suffering with anxiety for over 2.5 years at that point. I started taking Cymbalta in December. I think I started noticing an improvement in my anxiety around the beginning of January, and by January 20th I felt pretty good. This medicine has ended my anxiety attacks as far as I can tell, and it has gotten rid of the worst of my anxiety. I believe that I still have a small amount of general anxiety, but I'm so happy right now because life is so much better for me. I feel like I can function, and I don't go to bed at night wishing that I'll die during my sleep.

    I also tried Paxil, but with both the Paxil and Cymbalta my face started flushing and feeling like it was on fire. Then I tried Bupropion/Wellbutrin to try to end that less severe general anxiety, but it actually increased my anxiety and made my hands shaky.

    Thanks to the Cymbalta, I was finally able to get through job interviews without my body ridiculously trembling and without any form of anxiety attack. I actually felt happy during one interview because I felt so good compared to how I felt for years, and I ended up getting that job. I've never lived away from home - I went to college 30 minutes from where I lived with my parents and drove back and forth - so this is the first time I've lived by myself. The past month and a half have been very stressful - I did a drug test, filled out forms, got a hotel room for the first time and stayed there for a few days until I had an apartment, signed a lease for my first apartment, bought a lot of things for the apartment, started the job (I've been at it for a couple weeks now), and getting used to the traffic because I moved from a small town to a large city.

    I know that I wouldn't have been able to handle all of this so well by myself. I know a lot of people are against medication for problems of this sort, but I believe in each person doing what is best for his or her situation, and this is what is best for me. I tried for years to deal with my anxiety, and I know that it was beyond my control.

    Long story short, I'm pretty happy now even though I'm not 100% better. (I'll eventually get a doctor here.)

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    Hi Zombie,

    What a fantastic post! Cymbalta was one of the drugs that I was prescribed as well, actually it was the first. And for me, it worked really well. I was doing so well in fact that my doctor decided that I should stop taking it. I've been struggling to keep my "head above water" ever since. There's nothing wrong with taking medication, it doesn't have to be forever. But if it helps get you through the worst of it, then that's great. Good for you on all of your recent accomplishments. It's so refreshing and gives hope to the rest of us.

    Thank you!
    When the world says, "Give up,"
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