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    Angry stressed out feel like cryin

    Im so on edge today i had a bad panic attack last night does anyone get grouchy i don't what to do

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    lichfield - england
    i often have a period of having zero energy after a bad panic attack
    i do get a little grouchy, if people dont understand, what ive been through, or say the wrong things

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    I try to talk to my husband but i find it easyer to talk to someone who knows what i go through my husband and kids i they get irritated with my attitude

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    I get like that too. I've been in a horrible mood all day, really stressed out. To try to calm down afterwards I lie backwards and imagine myself walking deeper and deeper into a place that I feel safe. I imagine myself walking deeper and deeper into a book store, but it can be anywhere. Somewhere you feel comfortable, safe, warm. It could be something like sinking deeper into your bed, or just walking slowly through a park, or down a long corridor. I imagine that, in a quiet place, and imagine someone or something that makes me smile at the end. After that your imagination will take you somewhere, or you will be a little calmed. I hope this helps a little x

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    Im ganna have to try something i wanted to learn how to mrdatate i try to read because i get really relaxed and sleepy

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    I'm having constant panic attacks cause I'm scared all the time.
    I hate feeling this way. This is hell.

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    its very spooky there are times where i feel like im going to just drop on the floor what suck to if ur takin a nice hot shower with ur husband and use are doing things and then there is a panic attack that hits



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