Well here I am, a girl whose had a lot go on, but I made it out alive. I mean it, I'm better, I can feel it. I've told my story enough so I'll just skip right to the important part. The first time I truly truly put my heart into quitting cutting it was because my friend told me it takes 21 days to break a habit. Well I had made it 21days and then some. Every single day was a struggle and a fight, but that's what made it worth it. Anyway I wound up just falling back into it, starting at square one over and over and wasn't getting ahead. The weekend of January 14th I went on a retreat, and I never thought I would be one to say they had some epiphany, but I did. A lot of people got up and told their stories and everything I was being told, all the direction and advice to stop hurting myself, just fell into place. Everything all at once started to make sense. Someone told me that all I need to do is let love in and love others and things will start to get better. I thought I had it right, the love thing, but I wasn't getting it, I understand now. I wasn't respecting myself, and I was allowing others to disrespect me and I was flooded with thoughts of regret and mistakes I've made. Love is so important and I've finally found it in myself, something I never thought I'd do. I just understand so much more and I'm happy, like truly happy. It's crazy but it's true, love is like the base of all things good, everything positive and good starts with love. Those 21 days were so hard, but these past 16 have come so easy, there's no temptation or urge. Now I feel like somewhat of a fraud, to say I just dropped self-injury is completely true and to say that this time it was easy is even more true and completely unbelieveable! Maybe the angels thought I've taken on enough and it's time to let me win after the 2 and a half year battle with this. I haven't cut since January 13th and I feel like that's going to be the last time for me. (: