Before two days ago I hadn't been out of the house for months.
I hadn't seen friends or even gone to the grocery store.
Two days ago I realized how incredibly fed up I am with my
anxiety and that I'm completely letting my fears overcome my
life and stop me from doing anything.
So I stopped it ruling my life, and instead went out for dinner
with one of my friends. The whole day I was a nervous wreck,
my anxiety felt like it was out of control. But i decided that
I would go through with this no matter what. So the time came
for me to drive to my friends house to pick her up, and you know
what, it was easy. The whole dinner was a breeze. I had a
wonderful time with someone I'd missed heaps.
That was last night.
Today I went out for lunch with two other friends, I was anxious
this morning, but I decided again that this would not rule my life,
and that I would go out and have fun like other people my age.
So i did, and like the dinner it was a breeze, it was fantastic.
I feel so on top of the world, like I can accomplish anything.
And believe me, my anxiety is extreme, its bad, I've had it for
a long time and I've always worked around it.
But I'm sick of working around it, I'm sick of it controlling what
I do and where I go.
I'm in control.
Once you realize that, anxiety just doesn't seem so huge anymore.
The life you want is out there waiting for you, you just need to
decide when your ready for it.
The longer you wait, the harder it is, so get out there and enjoy
life, stop letting the fears rule you and have some fun!!
Be brave, you wont regret it. I know I haven't.