Want to cheer yourself up?...Watch `All About Amy`, on Channel 5 (U.K.).
This programme is all about a Celebrity Model (sic), who is followed around on her Day to Day, business. You know the type,... Dumb as a bag of rocks, Huge boobs, and enough make-up, to make The Elephant Man, look hot!!!.
In todays episode, she had to make a meal, for a bunch of other Celebrities (again sic). She was taken to a local fish market ,to buy fish for the meal she was to make, by a Chef.
Chef;...What kind of fish do you like?.

Amy later set about cooking the meal, having to ask the camera team, `How do you slice a potato?`. I watched this programme, thinking it was one of those Comedy Documentaries,....but,..later realised, that this woman, really was, as thick as bag of mince. I don`t think she realises, that the programme makers are using her. It is funny though!!!!..