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    Constant Fear of Heart Attack


    My name is Hector and I am a 31 year old male and I am in constant fear of having a heart attack. It seems my brain has become OCD about it, every thing I feel, think, or do somehow my brain ties into that. It has become so hard to live life at times, I just have this fear of dying and that it will be by a heart attack. I have moments where things are ok, but for the most part I live my life worrying and fearful of this. I don't know how to stop it. I need help, have no medical insurance and just want to get over this so I can live my life once again!

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    Hello Hector,

    I suffered from panic and anxiety attacks for 16 years, used the chat room here for about a year and suddenly the panic stopped ! Been great for two years but suddenly it's all back again and my biggest fear is that I am having a heart attack. Let me know if you're better now or if I can help, been through this all before and I know how real it all seems. Sometimes just talking and knowing someone else is going through the same thing helps ...

    Take care
    Jax x

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    So sorry to hear about you both living like this - I know it is hell. I had it first hand. I can tell you that I've been a member of a face to face support group and have met literally hundreds of people who have panic - more than half of them focused on their heart... and none of them had real heart problems... I know how real it feels... it's pretty terrible... it does go away though... eventually it does go away...



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