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Thread: Hi, I'm Liam

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    Hi, I'm Liam

    Hi everyone. I suffered from social anxiety disorder for 30 years before I even knew I had it. I was mis-diagnosed(like 90% of people who have social anxiety disorder) as depressed, put on meds for 13 years, and had shock therapy, all which didn't work. I tried to kill myself...I survived. I found what was REALLY wrong with me. I had social anxiety disorder, found help through the SOCIALANXIETYINSTITUTE.ORG, and have been recovering ever since. I WANT TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN WHO MAY BE SUFFERING FROM SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT.
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    Hi Liam! I'm so happy you're feeling better and yes, social anxiety is a disorder misdiagnosed by professionals and perceptions from friends and family. The best thing to do is have the best support group possible that tries to help you with social interactions little by little.



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