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    can someone help me guys and girls please it would mean alot to mee

    um i asked a guy that means a lot to me if i was fat and he said " your not fat in my definition , but you should probly loose some weight and eat right for your health" um was he calling me fat cus im really upset? :sad::sad:

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    Sounds like he was saying maybe your a little overweight,or he just sees you eat bad stuff,and is a little worried about your health.

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    Most men like a woman a little chunkie even though they won't admit it. Picture yourself as him and holding a bag of bones. To the eye thin is in, to hold plump is nice.

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    I'm sorry to hear he called you that. A lot of times people can be good-natured and say things out of context when they think they're trying to help.

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    Who cares what anyone else thinks?
    Fat is a tangible solid material.
    We need some of it in our bodies to live - but if we have too much of it - it can kill us.
    What is your BMI?
    Here is a link to figure it out.
    If it says you're fat - then you're fat - if it says you are height and weight proportionate - then who cares what other people say.
    If you're fat - you need to eat healthier foods - less of them and begin an exercise program and stick with it for life.
    It's not a big deal.



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