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    This is me, nothing more, nothing less

    This is me. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Welcome SleeplessOne! I love camera shots with cameras in them. I don't know why I do. Nice to see a face with the name!


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    Hey Colourgirl,

    It's Chris Cavicchia. Im trying to attract new users and new users with certain techniques, and of course contacts. Trying to be more active in forums with posts and replies and introducing my self to new users when they get in. Also in chatroom trying to build back up. Im always hanging in there after making a post to see who shows up in chatroom. I've noticed though, I tell alot of them to scroll down to bottom page for the link. Anyway I was assign my charoom special password, and Im glad to be a moderator. I'm not sure he didnt tell me. Prob. just basic they all know and im sure you do im on here alot. And im trying to be as active in helping others including myself. Anyway dropping a line hello and happy holidays to you.

    Sincerely- Chris Cavicchia (Forum website name)
    Chris_C - (chatroom name)

    Ps- when you have a chance could you stop in chatroom or email me, to explain the chatroom commands to me I use the help im familiar with parachat program. But my moderator commands dont seem to work when i pull action tab down i dont see console?
    Chris Cavicchia for forums
    Chris_C for chat room

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    Chris, as you know I am a mod also. The commands are very limited. If someone gets out of hand, you can ban them but they can come right back on with another screen name. It does not ban their IP address, despite what it says. Not that there is anyone to ban anyway.

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    nice t-shirt!



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