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    Share your phobia

    Hi all.... My phobia is emet.. Fear of throwing up.. Probably the worst fear in the world to me.. Havent successfully gotten through an entire winter/flu season without feeling terrible.. Summer time/spring time is so good for me

    not really sure how to go about getting past it.. So far therapy is only a short term fix.. Any suggestions????

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    Hello phobea,

    Welcome to Phobics Awareness! I'm so sorry you have been diagnosed with this, I don't have a lot of knowledge in this area, but I hope to learn more about it as I get to know you and others who are suffering from this. I definitely have a weak stomach, so I know if I had this disorder it would be hell for me.

    We will have to do research together to find out more about what you are going through and what are healthy coping mechanisms to put into place to help you through this. I look forward to it!

    Take care,


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    Ty for your kind words. I used to think that I was the only person with this specific phobia. I didn't even know it was a real phobia with a real name. I was comforted to find others who share this yet pained to know anyone suffers like I do. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    I've yet to find a therapist/psychologist in my area who specializes in this bug I do see a therapist. Ive never taken meds other than xanex during severe panic attacks. I too fear pills and their side effects causing me to get sick.

    I'd appreciate any help or support. During winter months I suffer daily. Spring summer months I tend to only have isolated attacks.

    Let me know if you have any helpful advice

    Take care!



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