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    Lightbulb Victories after diagnosis of mental illness at 23.

    Hello! I am just here to encourage others that are struggling with mental illness and to tell you there is hope and at the end of the tunnel you will walk out into the light. If I were to wrap up how I overcame mental illness in a suggestion it is, "Keep searching, keep praying, keep asking". There are general principles that I can mention some here.
    You cannot change your symptoms or feelings but you can change your thoughts by singing a song or hymn to yourself, do something simple and repeat repeat repeat. If you are going to have a panic attack try to lie in bed quiet and provoke one. Do this over and over in the safety of your bed until you feel familier with them and not startled by them.
    It is good to remember that you are valuable and special because of your illness. Most people with mental illness are kinder, sweeter, and more sincere people than others in general and are less likely to hurt anyone the statistics tell us.
    Try to remember that our bodies have feelings and emotions that come to maturity in stages and they can be frightening especially when we are young.

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    Hello gotoverit,

    Welcome to Phobics Awareness, and I've already been reading some of your tips you have been sharing on various posts and I love it! I love it when people share what has helped them get over their fears and phobias, because you never know what technique will ring true for someone and get them kick started on the road to recovery as well. I like how a lot of your reminders are very cognitive, it's retraining our brains to think in a way that's been totally foreign to us before.

    I really look forward to reading more about what works for you and hearing your own personal history! You are a welcome addition here! Thanks for reminding us, that we CAN get over "it!"


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    Well thank you Colourgirl. I see a lot of your posts and you are very encouraging and loving in your remarks and we need that. These people need that, but they need someone like me too that tells them the hard facts hopefully not harshly. Mental illness is a sign of something broken inside, but what is sad is us people are the best. If we were mean and hateful ugly acting people we would have an agenda, but these are people with a conscience and heart that have lost their way.
    Thank you for all your loving encouragement that you spread in here and hopefully we can compliment each others ministries.

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    Absolutely! Many modalities of thought is better than just one. I have often wished for other people to also come on here and share as much as I love to share on this forum so that responses are richer and come from many situations, and points of view. I hope to see you around for a long time.


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    I plan to Colourgirl and cherish the priviledge. Wish more would also do this but it may take time. It is like you say one thing works for one and another thing for another, whatever helps. Like I said before the secret for me was keep searching, keep asking and keep praying. Thanks Colourgirl




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