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Thread: I need therapy!

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    Exclamation I need therapy!

    Ok so, therapy is something that I really need. I can't get it outside of the computer because I'm afraid to tell anybody about what's going on with me. I've given them signs that I hoped would show them so they would talk to me about but I guess nobody pays attention to me enough to notice. Can I actually get therapy on here? If I can please, please let me know!!!!

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    Hi GloomyBear

    I dont know where you are from but Im from the UK. I have tried 2 on line courses :

    1. Beating the Blues

    2. Live Life to the full

    Both of these are for depression, however tbh I found neither of them enough for myself, it was just to random and not specific to my illness. I have said that as you may get help from them.

    Beating the blues I had to get my gp to put me forward for this one.

    I know it can be hard telling people about the situation your in, however I felt once I had told someone close to me what was going on it felt as though I had made a positive move forward.

    I think a lot of the time we have busy lives that people do not notice and you need to make the first step in making them aware.

    I hope the information is of use to you.

    Take Care


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    Welcome to Phobics Awareness, if I haven't already welcomed you! Depending on what you are looking for, there are lifecoaches and therapists who will practise online, but I have never tried that venue. I do, however participate in a phone support group that I discovered from an online resource. We do not offer therapy here; this site is a support forum and chat site for fellow sufferers.

    Rather than people not noticing you or your issues, sometimes it's not as noticeable, or they feel uneasy to assert that you may need mental help as this is a touchy subject. No one will have your best interest at heart more than you... so if you feel you need therapy, you deserve getting the help you need!

    Take care of yourself and welcome again!


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    i am hopeing to get therapy on my cutting problems is this able to happen??

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    Yes Kiwi. It will absolutely help. It always feels good to talk with a competent person and share you feelings with. Without the counselor saying a word, You will feel better by touching your inner feelings. A am just a regular guy that has no skills in the "ologies, but I do know that it feels better talking to someone.

    Sometimes I think things. These things are not my normal thoughts, but sometimes I do. I will mention them to my counselor, and at the same time, I tell myself, "do I really feel this way?"

    What I am trying to say, is, It helps to talk to someone.

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    It also helps to keep a journal and write down your thoughts there. You can also refer back to earlier notes. I actually had to have a skilled psychologist to help me in the end. Also if you are having unbearable thoughts try singing or chanting a little simple prayer or song to yourself until they go away. Like I have heard you can have evil thoughts but you don't have to nest in them.

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    I suffer in paralysis for the last five years even taken a lot medicen which is not suit for my body so need to help me if I take the therapy treatment so what should be done in this regard help me very soon in order to take any complications.



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