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    Never been diagnosesd, but this is what I feel and wonder if you've felt it too

    This usually happens when I'm around a group of people, like in a classroom setting. I kinda "zone out", stop paying attention to a lecture or whatever is happening that has the group's focus, and then I lose track of time, and I really honestly believe that I've been saying all my thoughts out loud, and that people are looking at me because they were inappropriate or talking to yourself is creepy or something. I've never gotten confirmation that I'm talking out loud...I just don't know. Then I get anxiety over it after the fact, like maybe hours later. Does this happen to anyone else? ops:

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    Hello ascc,

    I don't know if I have welcomed you or not yet, but welcome to Phobics Awareness, and I apologize for not seeing this post until now. I'm the only moderator, and as you can see, I'm outnumbered! I can't say I'm a profession by any means, but the first thing that came to my mind was depersonalization. Here's a wikipedia definition for you:


    Perhaps if you find this behavior is taking over your life, like you are checking out constantly and unable to maintain being in the moment, and then finding that you are having lots of anxiety afterward, you might do well to talk to someone in the psychology field or check in with your GP. It might be nothing, it might be something. But making sure you are healthy is always a good thing. No one will take better care of you, than you!

    Take care!




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