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    hi, i followed all of the instructions given. i scrolled down, clicked the chat, and it just redirects me to the top of the forums page again. i have the latest version of java installed, i am logged in and registered (clearly, as i am posting this, lol), and i am running firefox on a mac.

    edit: found it, accidentally skipped a page on this thread before posting. it's empty, but i found it. thanks.
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    I'm a newbie to the group n I only have my kindle is that ok can I use it to access the site

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    ?? I was last on here in 2006/7 I was told the site was shutting down due lack of funding or whatever..... I've just logged back on by chance, cant join or comment on anything because I haven't enough points (?!) and the last comment on this forum was August 2016?



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