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    difficulty ignoring people


    So i have a problem, where I say things that are on my mind a lot and people don't like it.l i dont necessarily go into detail but if i say a general comment like omg iwonder why patrick jane from the mentalist is in jail, people tend to take the piss out of me Another example was, i had a post on fb referring to a common interests page. It was about being proud of being born in the 1990's and not having any children yet. So of course people want to attack me because up until a few months ago i wanted to be a mother myself. at 21. Instead of seeing that i am just referring to a common interests page, they want to see it as me putting down young parent. which i never did. i just don't know why I can't just not let things go when people choose to put me down or why i just dont say nothing at all. do i have an issue where i can dish it but cant take it back, or is it more to do with i cant accept people criticizing me? i never mean any harm to anyone or put anyone down but yet everyone is quick to judge me and go about speaking to me in a harsh way. Am I rediculas or what?

    kangamaroo :sad:

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    I kinda developed the same pattern a couple years back where I was trying to be too snarky with my friends, saying things like I never want to get married or have kids, which really wasn't the truth. I just liked having a stance as the single guy and felt pressured to speak my mind too much. I tried to act like criticism never hurt me, but it always did in private. Best thing you can do is to sit back, realize life's too short to have to chime in on everything because heaping praise and support on friends and acquaintances or being tight-lipped on an issue you're against can make you feel at peace more often. I had to turn it around just for the sake of my blood pressure levels.



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