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    Here-'s a New

    Side Effects from one of the medicines I am on is making me mildly" delusional" I see thing and hear talking that is not really there, My support group raied a few hnds when I as I was the only one, I take 4 1mg Xanax, Alll is well , so I see ghost now, If anyone has info on this pleasse post back?

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    Hi! I'm new here and your post got my attention. I too have been mildly dillusional. Come to find out, one of my meds was causing it. Please tell your Dr right away. Hallucinations is a side effiect of some meds. It may not happen to many people but it does happen to a few people...like you and I. Dont worry. You are not crazy! I bet it is a side effect! Call your doctor or pharmacist. Or even look up side effects on your drugs' pharmacutical companies official website!! I pray you get better!!! Peace and Godbless!!!!



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