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    I hate ths situation I am in. Fucked to the life I made for myself!!!

    Wife moved out and now has her own place to live, she still Loves me and doesn't want a divorce she is suffering anxiety/depressing herself. So for both of us to recover she moved out. My ranting will officially start now. Why do I even try to get married this will be my 3rd and last one, her wanting to stay together is just a pole to lead me on until papers can be drawn up by the lawyer. I am losing this house since I am on Short term disability and without her check from her job coming in I am at 1/4 income now. I am going to food banks, shutting off cable, changing cell phone plans to cost the least and all this to prolong losing this house, I can't get aid because I make too much on short term disability, Veteran's won't help their about out of Money due all the vets coming back from Iran and Afghanistan. I will not ask for help from relatives for money. So here I wait I still pay utilities but no house payment, Work EAP did all they could do so am tapped out on help to get through this. I will have a huge yard sale before I forced to move out and Start all over again in life. I hope I don't lose my job out of this,
    Now your common replies will be "It will work its way out ." You will be alright." or any thing that is shallow and quick to type. I hate when those answers come back. I can't file bankruptcy because I did it less than 7 years ago. She is taking all the pets except my favorite two cats. So that will make being homeless easier. I messed all this up by relying on her to do all the bills and house work for 8 years, so I could maintain sanity to work my job. I took her for granite and am now paying for it, marriage councilor got nowhere with us because we are both suffering different forms of depression/anxiety. All is cut and dry in this post you find me a good answer, no easy one that is actually not a generic one sentence then I will listen, don't waste your time. I just spent an hour typing this out to put up in front of you so I at least deserve a good answer.

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    I dont know your current financial situation but maybe you can find an efficentcy for yourself till you can get back on your feet so to speak. Where I am from they are about $650 a month, not much room in them at all, Just enough for a bed, a small kitchen set but Its something you can look into to take some of the depression off your shoulders. I know most of my depression comes from my money worries. I play numbers in my head for days on end trying to figure out the solution. Which I have yet to find. But like I said an effiecentcy might be good for ya, or maybe renting a room from a friend, or the local paper. dont give up hope just yet and best of luck.



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