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Thread: why i'm here

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    why i'm here

    i'm 25 years old, and have been in a relationship for about 6yrs or more with a guy four years older than me. our relationship has been rocky at best, but theres no denying how much i love this guy. trouble is, we've broken up three times and it would seem his love is not as deep or as unconditional as mine. i cant just get over him, i can barely cope with the idea that we arent together anymore - again. my attacks were triggered the very first time we broke up and i had no idea what was wrong with me. im moving out now in to an apartment, with a rommate i dont like, and my panic attacks are increasingly more frequent. i got as little as two hours total, of sleep last night. i havent eaten, i cant keep what i do eat down. i dont have the money or means to seek real help or treatment. all i want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.

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    You about 40 years ago this would be called the "Love Bug" bit you, Now we call it seperation anxiety, Don't let him run you, It is now his control right, he is always the one to break up? He likes it that you get so distraught without him.Do'n mess this up by trying to get any retliation started before you want to get back together, This relly deep down sounds to me like you just love this guy totally and you get seperartion anxiety when you are not a couple,
    on this site we preach professional help, Which I am not, I just had a lot of life stuffed into 46 years, A phychologist could prescribe a very mild sedative that would not make you sleepy or see things or impair driving or any side effects, it would just take away all thenot eating,nosleep and crying,
    You say you dohnj't have the money to seek professional help, Have you thought of alternate types of therapy, I saw an American Indian women yesterday and she set me up with a small bag of stones which were bleesed and they will help even more in my Mental Illness. It only cost $12.00 dollars and she had the gift, I walked in her small house/store and didn't say a word and she ask if she could put her hand on my sternum and she did and told 95% of all my illnesses and even infection in a spot on me she could not have seen. That blew me away, Well you have the Love bug and I gave you a few safe ideas to solve it now you can tell me I am crazy or tell me off, as long as you have read this then you now know a few options.. Eric P.



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