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I can really relate to you. The idea of driving is really scary to me, even though I've driven before years ago but I didn't end up getting my license. I was a little nervous when I drove before, but since I've been putting off driving for so long, my nervousness seems to have turned into a fear! It is such a bad idea to put things off like that. I think I fear most of being alone while driving.

But anyways, I hope you are able to get through this fear. Well.. you and me both! Would be great if we could talk some time. Talk to you laterz then.. maybe!

This post above ^^^ Is me from 2011. I'm happy to update that I was finally able to get my license in 2015. It was a good feeling, and sometimes now I still can't believe that I did it. I thought it would take forever to get comfortable driving alone. But I surprised myself and got comfortable extremely quickly. I really feel like a professional driver now lol, although I know I'm not. That's just how comfortable I am.

After years of practicing driving on and off, one day it literally just clicked with me and became easier and felt normal and natural to drive. There are still times when I do get a little uncomfortable or nervous, but I haven't even had my license for a year yet. I'm still learning and experiencing new situations.

So I just thought I'd update to show you it can be done. Some people take a couple weeks to get comfortable driving, others take years. Taking years is frustrating and it's easy to lose hope that you will ever get you license. But it is still possible! Keep trying!