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    constant panic new to forums

    hello let me start by apologizing for the lack of caps and punctuation my typing is terrible my wife and i and our son live with my parents. ive had panic disorder for 12 years. it was really bad from 2004 till 2009 but i was doin really well the last year and a half. then my mom collapsed on the floor last thursday and my son found her she ok now they said it was acute respitory failure related to ambien and pneumonia and i have been a complete mess since then. ive been in a constant state of panic since. even though she is home and doing ok i just cant get rid of this constant fear. i have many of my own health problems other then panic disorder wich do not make it any better as im sure everyone knows its just the most awefull feeling in the world to be terrified constantly i called my doc today and asked to be put back on the meds i was takin before i started feeling better still waiting to hear back =( i hope this site helps me this is my 1st post

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    Hello fade7887,

    Welcome to our community chat and forum support! I'm so glad you are here and I hope this place proves to be a wonderful place of solace while you are dealing with this disorder. I suffer from it as well, and slowly but surely I've been getting better. I know you are having a tough time of it.. sounds so rough to be living with your parents with your family. I know that feels emasculating.. but you have done something so healthy for the health of your family and I really respect you for that.

    Knowing your boundaries, is a healthy thing! I'm sorry to hear about the current stresses you are facing with your mom's illness... that can't be good for your panic disorder. You are being very proactive about your health and that's all you can do. Feel empowered that you are making good decisions for the health of yourself and your family, including reaching out for support. There is a post here by scienceofstillness about a breathing exercise that i found very helpful.

    In a quick recap, he tells us to interlace your fingers across your belly and take deep breaths for 5 min. All you are focusing on, is expanding your diaphragm as much as possible and holding the breath for 10 seconds and releasing it. Don't let your mind wander, instead try to focus on your fingers moving back and forth as you breathe, and taking full breaths. The oxygen, the distraction, the biofeedback all work to calm us down and give us a reprieve from panic and negative thoughts. Practising this takes patience, but try doing this a couple times a day. I hope you find our site helpful and I hope to see you in chat sometime!

    Welcome again!


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    allenton mi
    hey dude i havee really terrible panic attacks to were not alone though



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