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Thread: OCD is crazy..

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    OCD is crazy..

    heey I'm hailea.
    I am a regular fourteen year old girl.
    ^ that is what many people think..
    what they don't know is that I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
    I do my best to hide it and I take medication but it will be with me my whole life.
    I was diagnosed with OCD when I was just nine years old.
    I was a germaphobe and I washed my hands constantly, to the point that my knuckles would crack and bleed.
    I would wake up my little sister at night to see if she was okay and I couldn't get to sleep unless I checked multiple times.
    OCD was ruining my life.
    eventually my mom discovered that something was up and that I was going crazy so I got help.
    I think I've been through a lot with OCD and if anyone wants to talk I'm up for it... respond!

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    Hello hail97,

    I'm so glad that your mom clued into the fact that your behavior wasn't normal and helped you out! Getting support is so important! I know you are 14 so blending in is so important, but I think it's also good to let people know what you suffer from. The more you can accept yourself, the more others will accept yourself as well. Stay committed to your mental health, and stay committed to you, hail97! Remember, you are worth it and no one will take care of you better than you. So listen to your body's signals and seek out help when you need it. There's absolutely no shame in that whatsoever. Part of being healthy is knowing where your boundaries are. Take care!




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