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    Yeah, I hate this too I'm the same age and just read about it. The worst part is I have an irregular sleep schedule. Sleep from 5am-2pm. So most of my time is spent alone. The only few things that help me is watch ridiculous tv shows like family guy. Also having a weapon of some sort (kitchen knife even) helps a bit. I have to carry a machete to the bathroom....

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    i have similar styptoms watch some comedy (how i met your mother, rules of engagement,big bang theory.) stay near mature responsible people and if needed document your life with a camera dont watch marble hornets its lame

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    im 13 and going insane im obsessed with the slenderman imigaes at school videos im freaking out and ive had some symtpoms his comeing 4 meHELP ME

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    im know

    im scared of him 2 but think about this he comes to you if your scared so watch something relaxing and sleep with someone you love or your dog i sleep with my dog and didint think of the slenderman once ok hope it helps

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    Ok, first: It is one single deity. There are no Slendermen. Just one.
    Second: If you are 15 you've got no reason to be scared as he is always portrayed as being around LITTLE kids.
    Third: If you are male you're fine because he is most often shown as a Lolicon lover.
    Fourth: Just know this: He was originally a photoshopped image of a forest. He was conceived on Something Awful Forums as an entry to a contest. So it's basically a photoshopped picture that suddenly became a meme.
    Fifth: If it turns out he is real, just make sure to always have $20 on hand. Also keep a flashlight nearby.
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    I don't know if you got over your fear as I didn't read all the posts lol but I too had a fear of the Slenderman.
    He is real, only if you fear him. He feeds on your fear bringing him closer to the real world!
    Look at the game for instance, it was created to make you fear him... right? There are 8 pages, plus a hidden page that exists in all 8 pages. Fear. Search up the pages on google and if you look at the pages really closely (not literally), you will see fear in all of them. It may be hard to see at first but there are 2 things in each page: The Operator symbol and Fear. If you fear him, he can see the fear. If you don't fear him, he can't see you as he doesn't have eyes.
    He is real, he can get you through your fear, so DON'T fear him.

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    Maybe he has proxies...and now he knows all of you...he's happy...very happy.

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    Hello i know i kinda just poped into this covosation and this reply is a little late

    I think alot of people get scared of slenderman i myself dont get scared easily but the slenderman didnt fail i belive he exists and u asked why he doesnt just take over the world? Because the slenderman doesnt want to i study slenderman and i can tell by the way his case is formed , i have seen poltergiest and other paranormal events but the slenderman is bar far the one that unerves me the most but the thing that scares me about slenderman is i can remeber seeing him when i was little but now your problem is solved ... Well im gunna go

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    okay don't worry but ur not the only one scared of him. my friend (i'm not gonna tell u her name) is being stalked by Slender man and i have a fear of him getting her but he won't get u or ur sibling unless you have the slender sickness which is feeling sick, seeing slender, and so on untill he abducts u and makes you bleed to death for more info type in slender sickness into google.com

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    Seeing as how it has been 2 years and still no word from Slenderphobia, I think it's safe to say that they are now dead. I have been seeing Slender Man in my dreams since childhood (I am 33 now), and just very recently he seems to have found me in real life. I can not run from him. He is everywhere. I don't know why I am posting this. I may never visit this page again. But I know that there are others out there. What we call Slender Man is an actual ancient being of some sort. The internet-born fiction simply gave it a name for us to refer to it as. The stories, the legends, they are all B.S. But HE is real. And once he has you in his sights, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Except wait. Like I am doing now. I wish I had answers, but for every answer I find comes 10 more questions. Could he be related somehow to the Zeta Reticuli or the Annunaki? It would explain a lot. But I don't know for sure, and I don't really want to know. I'm obsessed with knowing more, but I am also obsessed with hiding from it. Please, somebody out there, help me. I don't have much time left, and I don't know what to do.



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