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Thread: i need advice

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    i need advice

    i was diagnosed with depression about two weeks ago ive had it a long time i have started antidepressants and been on them for a week my anxiety has gotten worse and i am terrified of leaving the house.I am not sure what to do as i am in college and this is my last week and then two weeks of exams after that.i do not really need this course but i did it to filll a space in a gap year im thinking of not going back because the thoughts of a twenty minute car journey and then sitting in a class full of a lot of people i barely know topped by the wok is overwhelming. im not a quitter when it comes to education and dont want to let my family down but i feel like i have to way up my options and keeping me healthy seems number one and to do that i think i will have to quit college .what do you think?thanks

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    This can be tricky, I would advise you go ahead with your finals atleast(you dont want to have to take them later) but at the same time i can understand how crippling SA can be. I recommend you just go through with it, this might make you feel bad now and messed up but trust me getting those grades on paper will help once you conquer this to some extent. Failing that.... just live your life how you see fit. Good luck.

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    I think finding an activity you really enjoy and focusing on it is a good idea. Getting your attention off the depression and vicious cycle of it helped me get out of mine, you just have to keep it up! Hope this helped.



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