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Thread: Loss of hope

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    Loss of hope

    In chat a while ago a person was convinced in the incureability of mental illnesses/phobias. I senced the loss of hope. I feel that this is not only sad, but a mistake to only limit one's hope to the shallow extent of mans preasent knowlage. Remember that at one time all the great minds of the world, " just! knew that the world was flat". Amazing how far we've come. I draw my hope from my faith. Faith is something that you will have to find on your own. Hope is easy, it's there for the takeing, IT'S logic. Casey/Kent
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    Hey Casey Glad to see you again. I think that faith or as some would believe "spirituality" is a huge part of healing. It is having hope that can truly help someone's recovery. I agree that there is always hope but often times, especially if in a depressive state, it is a struggle to muster up that hope. I am glad to see that you have your way to keep hope alive.

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