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    OCD Tips and Techniques that help me....

    Hi guys, as we all have learned some way or another what the hell is going on with me... for me it started one day I was just staring at a table with 7 cents on it then all of a sudden I got this terrible feeling like I will never forget this image again this was just the beggining of the first three years of trying to figure out what is going on, from back stepping, just ridiculous things, put a shirt on and off fives times, count tap everything, i couldnt watch tv cause id just keep trying to sequence all the channels i sifted throught, humm in my head to try to forget a thought, race numbers through my mind. could not really read cause i'd read somthing five times over. on and on this goes, id acquire new things. For me learning about the disorder actually helped me cause i thought i was just crazy for a while and i was scared to know if i actually had it. over the years i forced myself as hard as it was to reconize i got a thought like walking on a rock than walking half a mile turn around and walk on it again .. wow i know... but to let the thought stay in your head go home make coffee whatever ..eventually when you cant retrace all those steps the thought gives .. sounds hard but i conditioned my self to do little things with minimal time alloted and move on i had months i forgot i actually had OCD and times where i was tapping a counter in sequences of 5 over and over, the point is i know the thoughts go away and new ones come but trying exposure therapy with someone or yourself which i did helped a lot...i read some stuff about metacognition really interesting. i try to use this disorder to my advantage for remebering things... anyways that's all for now... james

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    heey James.
    I am fourteen and I have had many of the same obsessions that you've mentiones above.
    I was diagnosed with OCD when I was nine and have been taking medication ever since.
    The two things that were probably the hardest for me was hand washing and the phobia of germs, and I used to wake my little sister up at night to make sure she was alright.
    Now I pretty much just get stressed out and sometimes tap or make myself repeat things multiple times.
    Do you have any techniques that might help?
    - Hailea.



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