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    Dental/teeth phobia

    I am trying to find some help!! I have a weird phobia, not going to the dentist but worrying about my teeth. I go every 6mths like I am supposed to, I dont much like it but I do it. I dont have bad teeth, but things just happen. I used to work in a dental office for many years so I continued to use him and he didnt charge me but I always felt so guilty and he just wasnt a people person and whenever I have work done I take Halcion. I had been having a problem with a tooth for a while, just a burning pressure feeling, not pain, but something I wanted to stop and he never seemed to find out what was going on and personally I dont think he really cared. The last time I went was in June and he didnt even come to check the tooth, he just told the assistant to put a desesitizer on it and never came to see it. At that point I made the hard, decsion to cut my losses and move on. I went to a new denstist and she sent me to a root canal dr and he did a test and found that the tooth behind the one I thought was giving me problems was dead so I got a rootcanal. I just got it finished on Wed. and I was medicated for those appointments. I know the first good thing I did was leave my old dentist but my phobia's are getting me so depressed. My husband says if its not huring what are you worrying about? I have crowns a few teeth and its like I can feel the crowns on them now! Why, because I am crazy? Nothing hurts but I just want all my teeth pulled out so I dont have to worry about it anymore. I have been asking to do that for many years but I dont have bad teeth so there's no way a dentist will do it. I worked with patients, I comforted patients, and I just feel like I am loosing my frekin mind. And I know it's not rational!!!!!! This is the worst its ever been for me. Its really, very hard to funtion. I have xanax for a stomache issue, but havent had to take it for years for my stomache, but now, I just started taking them for my teeth. I talked to the dr. last year, when I felft it was getting a little to much, and she gave me a perscription for zoloft. I never got it filled. It made me feel like a weak person to have to take a pill because I worry about my teeth! There's people out ther that have REAL problems, and here I sit worried about my frekin teeth. Is there a name for this? I am tired of feeling like this. I just dont feel like I have anyone that understands me. I am so sad, so very very sad. The only time I happy is when I am finally asleep at night. Thanks for listening to the crazy lady!

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    Re: Dental/teeth phobia

    Hiya blue

    Firstly a huge welcome to the forum you will find loads of support both on here and in the chat room

    Although i myself do not suffer from dental phobia which does indeed have a name "dentophobia " i am sure many people do.

    Please do not think you are in anyway crazy a fear is a fear and very real to the person suffering no matter what it may be

    I wish you all the best in overcoming this and hope somebody will post here with more answers to assist you with your problem.

    love dino



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