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Thread: Respidol

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    I was recently prescibed this for my OCD/phobias/anxiety and was told of the laundry list of side effects; but I still want to know if anyone here is taking it so I can get a heads up about some things. I am starting on half a pill now.

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    Risperdal is a big no no! I took it for anxiety and it made me really panicked in an aggressive way, also I have numerous psychotic friends that I know that take it, one of which has developed severe agoraphobia since taking it.
    It is not the best thing to take for anxiety, it is primarily an anti psychotic which is used for schizophrenia and kindred psychoses. Also it can cause side effects such as muscle stiffness/spasms/tardive dysknesia, 5mg of procyclidine is efficacious in easing these unpleasant side effects.
    I think that doctors are so obsessed with the clampdown targets for benzodiazepines, eg Diazepam, Clonazepam, Nitrazepam, Alprazolam..etc, that they have forgotten what is truly in the best interest of an anxiety neurotic patient.
    It's time that doctors forgot about their own targets and reputation, forgot about the drug reps who sell them rubbish and thought about the wellbeing of their clientéle first and foremost.
    I hope that you are okay Meow, also remember that you have a choice, also you have a right to a medication review if you want one. Take care

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    Risperdal Linked to Gynecomastia(Male Breast Growth)

    The antipsychotic drug Risperdal is prescribed to people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. While not initially approved for use in children, adolescents and children now make up more than a quarter of those taking the drug. Many are facing an embarrassing and unsightly side effect.The drug’s manufacturer acknowledges that Risperdal can cause gynecomastia — the growth of breast tissue in boys and young men. Unlike typical weight gain that is possible with certain medications, this breast development is caused by an increase in the hormone prolactin, which is typically much more prevalent in females.According to manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, a double-blind study found:82% to 87%*of young Risperdal patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder experienced increased prolactin levels.49%*of young Risperdal patients suffering from autism or other disorders besides schizophrenia and bipolar disorder experienced increased prolactin levels.Gynecomastia can have a serious psychological and emotional impact on young men and boys due to the stigma of male breasts. If you, your son or a loved one has experienced symptoms of this embarrassing condition after taking Risperdal, you should join the growing number of men seeking compensation for their ordeal.



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