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    OCD is trying to take my dream!

    Hello everyone. I found this site out of desperation . I have been experiencing ocd since I was 10 years old. My life has been going in a positive direction for the past 1 1/2 years since I went back to college. I've been absolutely loving my classes, although it is tough since I also work full time. I have been a more positive person since I have been fulfilling my dream! I take classes online. I've always been a good student and I've been proud of my grades. My ocd takes much of my joy though, because I spend wasted energy with obsessive thoughts and checking to insure perfectionism. My job is seasonal, so I'm not under as much stress when I'm not working, and I can concentrate on my classes better, but I recently had to go back to work, and the change has thrown me for a loop. I cannot force myself to work on my studies. It's like I have a total burn-out. I've been so depressed because I have always completed important events like this in my life, even though my anxiety, ocd, and depression makes it hard. When I try to focus, I JUST CAN'T!! I am having obsessions/ compulsions to half-do my assignments, to save time because I'm on a tight schedule since going back to work, which I know is not a good choice in the long-run. I'm obsessing to the extent that I can't focus. I'm so frustrated, and I don't want to give up on my dream. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Holley

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    Re: OCD is trying to take my dream!

    hi ye i suffer with the same problems and more im on a antidepresnt call fluoxetine it helps a lot i was in hospital for my illneses and 60mg ov fluoxetin is for ocd i tred so much to get my dream but i had to give up in the end with medication u will still have ocd but evereytime u do ur opsetions ull feel happy i tryed to fight it for many years but couldnt but i think you really could couse u ar workin im not anymore if you want to ask me any more qwestions please do jordan



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