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    OCD and Anxiety on Discovery-Health Channel (US)

    Hi everyone, I am new here! On Sunday 5/2/2010 on the Discovery-Health Channel there is a documentry on OCD followed by a documentry on Anxiety. Sounds like it could be interesting. Hope this may help someone? I marked it on my calendar so I can watch it myself. I also notified family, I hope this will educated them on what we go thru.

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    Re: OCD and Anxiety on Discovery-Health Channel (US)

    I’m also new here and I know I’ll be tuning in on Sunday…

    I looked up the shows and found some more details as well as air times. (They do repeat throughout the week though).

    “Truth Be Told”: Wendy, Ryan and Delia all have compulsive tendencies they fear are ruining their life. No two cases of OCD are the same, but universally, the condition can have devastating effects to those coping with it. 8pm on 5/2
    “Anxious”: Will follow real people battling severe anxiety disorders and their attempts to control their anxiety and take back their lives. 9pm on 5/2

    Also I noticed some other shows that might be helpful to some…

    “Enraged”: Enraged follows the dramatic and compelling stories of two families close to the breaking point because of a loved one's explosive anger. Can therapy help to heal a family that has lived in the shadow of rage and create a new family dynamic? 10pm on 5/2
    “The Woman with 15 Personalities”: presents a unique look at a person living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition in which a person displays several distinct identities, each with its own perception of the environment. 9pm on 5/3
    “I’m Pregnant” (And Bi-Polar): Jolene and he boyfriend Correy are expecting a baby girl. But being pregnant has meant that Jolene had to choose between taking the psychiatric drugs that control her bi-polar disorder, and safeguarding the health of her unborn child. 8pm on 5/4
    “I’m Pregnant” (And Addicted): Colette and Aaron have a long history of heroin addiction, which they've been able to kick with the aid of methadone. But now that Colette's pregnant, she's finding that it's possibly riskier to go off the methadone during pregnancy, than to stay on it. 8:30pm on 5/4
    “Born Schizophrenic: January’s Story”: tells the story of the Schofield Family, whose daughter January was diagnosed as schizophrenic at five-years old, making her one of only two children to EVER receive that diagnosis. 9pm on 5/4
    “Bipolar Mysteries”: we follow four families raising children diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder
    9pm on 5/6
    “Help! I’m a Hoarder”: More than a million Americans suffer from disposophobia - the fear of throwing anything away. Meet three individuals who face the devastating effects of compulsive hoarding. You'll never look at your clutter in the same way again. 8pm on 5/7

    I hope this might help someone…



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