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    Social problem in work area

    I work in a huge company with over 400 people and I have social phobia. I have been here over a year yet I have no friends. I am usually fine unless it comes to socializing. I dont have anything to say and worry they will find me stupid and or uninteresting/ boring. I was hoping someone could help me with some suggestions or ice breaking tips so I can be more comfotable in the work place.

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    Re: Social problem in work area

    Hiya trende

    A huge welcome to the forum you will find loads of support both on here and in the chat room

    love dino

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    I feel the exact same way as you do. I have worked at the same place for 4 years (a record for me) and have no friends. In the past, I heard other co-workers call me a freak or have even been directly questioned about my silence. THE only thing that I found helped was to say anything no matter how little. I would rather be thought of as boring (which I don't doubt that I am) than fear someone asking me what's wrong with me or commenting on how they've never met anyone as quiet as me. I think that only adds to the anxiety. I have to force myself to say something, even if it's asking a work related question I already know the answer to. Hope that helps, it may break the ice! Good luck.

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    The one thing I quickly realized when it comes to establishing a comfortable vibe among coworkers is that you should always try to eat lunch with the office at least 3 days a week, if not the entire week. You don't even have to talk that much, because just being around them and letting them know you're trying your best to be a part of the team will reflect as such later on.



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