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Thread: Help please?

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    Help please?

    Hi everyone, I have very bad panic attacks, agrophobia and emetophobia. I have tried CBT, am on anti-depressants and just recently Hypnosis but my hypnotherapist estimated 5 sessions would have me cured. It's come to about 8 now and I'm not much better at all and this is also costing us quite a bit so I'm having to stop it.

    The thing is I know CBT and Hypnotherapy are the two main successful treatments for my conditions and now I don't know where to turn for help. Do any of you know what I can try next that might help? I've tried researching but everything I look at just seems very unreliable.

    Any help or advice you can give me will be very much appreciated, I have no idea what to do now and simply can't live this way anymore.

    Thank you,

    SugarSkulls X

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    Re: Help please?

    sorry to hear you are suffering hun , CBT helped me to a level but im now trying meds to totally get rid of it . i have anxiety and panic too. stick with the sessions for a while longer hun , they may help.

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    Re: Help please?


    I have emetophobia and have also tried medication and CBT for it. I also had exposure therapy which helped me quite a bit




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