Each day I see the man I love worry himself into a state of panic. Every single day he freaks out about a particle of air hitting him in the mouth or water splashing him in the face from washing his hands. He gets so anxious his nausea gets even worse yet he does not see it. He thinks every single thing he sees could be V* no matter what it is.

I do understand the cycle of this fear being so consuming that it controls you. you then get so panicked you make yourself feel so much worse. He says he wants to be normal, he wants to not feel like this. But even while he is saying those things, he allow the fear to control him. He was going to therapy but says it's stupid. Dr. gave him medication but he says that too is stupid. I swear he would rather choose to stay being so consumed by the fear because he knows that. Like he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't panic every day. That in itself I believe would scare him too.

Guess I am just looking for insight.