I have had a phobia as far back as i can remember of labels or tags you get inside clothing, on sheets, covers, the things are everywhere haunting me! Ive trawled the net and only 1 other person on a yahoo answers site even mentions they have this phobia too. No one else has heard of it and family laugh at me about it, to me tho it is a real fear, the touch, feel, look and god forbid seeing anyone else touching them without a care in the world. Taggies blankets for kids NIGHTMARE, id love to throttle whoever designed those things for kids!

Ive nicknamed myself a tag-o-phobe as I dont know what else to call it. Im due to go camping soon and cant even think of what sleeping bag to get as i know ill be confronted with a big label right where I sleep on it to contend with. These rotters wont cut them out for me and theres no way I can do it myself, clothes im fine if they are hidden but the thought still makes me cringe. I asked a therapist about it when I went for GAD therapy and even she dismissed it with what im sure was a tight lipped chuckle. Makes me reluctant to even ask for help for it as if that was a therapists reaction imagine my GP!