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    weird smells during panic attack?

    In the middle of a panic attack, particularty a severe one, does any one else smell a weird odor for a minute and then it goes away. It's kinda like a musty smoky smell, and it doesn't matter where I am. I only notice it during or right before a panic attack. Does anyone do this, or I am just super messed up?
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    Re: weird smells during panic attack?

    Hiya honestangel

    I get where i see a smoky haze like room is full of smoke when i am very very anxious , and no it is not me smoking to many fags :lol:

    Seriously hun i have had loads of weird and wonderful symptoms with panic be rest assured you are not super messed up a doctor once told me if i were indeed like i ask him loads off my head , insane etc his reply was no as if i was seemingly i wouldn't know to ask questions etc , so i although not medically trained would say what you are experiencing is indeed symptoms related to your panic etc

    love dino



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