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    scared of everything

    i carry a waterbottle around EVERYWHERE so i can convince myself im not dehydrated
    i use tons of hand sanitizer to convince myself i cant get the flu
    ive avoid chicken and steak to convince myself i cant possibly get food poisoning

    but when i run out of hand sanititizer i dont know how to reassure myself that im okay. im terrified of barfing. i set up a rule that if i havnt barfed by 9:45 at night, im okay
    wierd, right?
    i dont know. just help me out
    i need something to convince me so i can finally eat meat again and stop carrying a water bottle around. its embarring.
    the other day, i hadnt put hand saniztizer on and i was convinced i had the flu. i cancelled plans with my friend and i seem to do tht a lot. i feel bad cause she doesnt know about my anxiety, i would tell her, but i dont need her sympathy and her checkin up on me every 5 minutes. you know? should i tell er? i just dont know

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    Re: scared of everything

    Hi there, I am new here and i feel for ya. I will tell you something to help you eat meat again but I think its a form of enabling as my doctor might say but hey you need to eat meat right. Taking apple cider vinegar like a spoonful will help kill and food posioning its gross but is suppose to work. If you make sure the meat cooked thoroughly you will be fine, i know how you feel though, I see ppl leave their suppers out on the table forever and then refridgerate it for leftovers the next day and it grosses me out I won't even eat it. But the more you try to eat this stuff the more you will trust you won't get sicl.

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    Re: scared of everything

    I feel for you too. Some psychological therapy techniques you can learn online, in academic books, and self-help books. Exposure-response prevention therapy helped me a little(I have a some pretty pervasive phobias). Also, cognitive restructuring therapy--where you challenge some of your beliefs and perceptions to form more healthy, rational thoughts--helped a lot. Mostly, though, it just took a lot of time and effort on my part to feel more comfortable with what life throws at me daily, and some serious personal time to meditate and find joy in life again. I also got a lot of reassurance from family and friends, even though it was embarrassing and didn't make me look good. You don't want to be sick forever though.



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